Tuesday, November 21, 2023

 Reels Hits the Road

Coonawarra, Australia’s “Other Red Centre” was the venue for the Mount Gambier based Reels Film Society to hold a bonus movie screening on Friday 3rd November.  It was in appreciation of people who were part of  membership growth since the Covid era when movies and membership were adversely impacted.  It was also a  way of saying thank you to the numerous members from the Penola district who have been part of Reels for many years by screening a movie in their own backyard.

Over 70 members took part in a "Road Movie" of their own and travelled to Coonawarra in a chartered bus or made their own way to the Coonawarra Memorial Hall to watch the audience award winning documentary “Blind Ambition”.   Where else, but Coonawarra would you show an inspiring story of four Zimbabwean refugees who not only conquered the odds to become South Africa’s top sommeliers and then with unshakeable pride and passion represented  Zimbabwe in the Olympics of the wine world, the “World Wine Tasting Championships” in France.

Their uplifting story celebrating how irrepressible the human spirit can be was awarded a high rating of 4.4 stars by the appreciative audience after they enjoyed not only the film but the local food and wine on offer.

Feedback was positive with members texting “It was a great night".  "Loved the movie and their determination, their funny personalities and they way they have since gone on and given back to their home communities". "We really enjoyed being in the Coonawarra hall and the food and wine were fantastic. ”

Comments such as these have started the Committee thinking as to where and when the next bonus members night shall be held.  Becoming a member is easy, go online, anytime and register.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

 Following a very successful members night at the Coonawarra we return to our regular screenings on Thursday 16th November.

Digging gold and gunfighting prowess were not the only ways to riches in the Wild West, some entrepreneurial spirits sought other paths, This is the story of the unlikely  pairing of Cookie, the kitchen loner and a Chinese labourer as they seek to make it big. But to do so they need a special, hard to get, ingredient.

As usual the doors will open at 6:30 allowing time for members and guests to enjoy a bovine themed tipple and some nibbles before the screening. This month's selection consists of:


* Cow Bombie (Sauvignon Blanc)

* Noble Fellows "Baron Betsy" (Pinot Gris)*

* Brown Brothers "How Now" (Moscato)


* "Lovers not Torreadors" (Tempranillo)*

* "Farm Hand" (organic Shiraz)

* Cow Bombie (Cabernet Merlot)

*to confirm the bovine connection check the label.

We'll be screening at 7, see you there.