Friday, January 13, 2012

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"L'amour, c'est mieux à deux - The Perfect Date" 
Valentine's Day 14 Feb 2012

The French hit movie is a  perfect date for Valentine's Day. Enjoy champagne, strawberries dipped in chocolate and nibbles.

Tuesday 14 February 2012
6.30pm pre-screening drinks and nibbles
7.00pm film screens

What would you do for the woman of your dreams?

Globetrotting aid-worker Michel (Clovis Cornillac from the Asterix films) dreams of that great romantic moment when fate brings two soulmates together. On the other hand, his best friend since childhood, Vincent (Coco’s Manu Payet) is a hotshot divorce lawyer who prefers an all-sex, no-commitment approach to relationships. But when Vincent's latest squeeze, Nathalie, dumps him and Michel finds out that Vincent had engineered his "chance encounter" with beautiful blonde Angèle, the two childhood friends realise they'll have to help each other out if they want to find lasting happiness with the women of their dreams. Will it all end in marriage, or in tears?

Theatrical Trailer

Rated MA
Running time: 100 minutes
Language: French with English subtitles

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Next screening "Incendies"

Thursday 12th January 2012
6.30pm drinks and nibbles
7.00pm film screens

*** Margaret
**** David
8.2 / 10 International Movie Data Base

The Academy Award nominated Incendies also won the Best Feature Film awarded by the jury at the 2011 Adelaide Film Festival. Director Denis Villeneuve responded by saying that "As a poetic sign of gratitude to [the] Adelaide Film Festival, I'll give the name of 'Adelaide' to one of my main characters in my next film. So thank you one thousand times to [the] Adelaide Film Festival!"

The Academy Award nominated Incendies is a masterful cinematic achievement - at once a tightly woven mystery; an epic, sweeping family drama and deeply affecting, profound and transcendent work.

At the reading of their mother Nawal's will, twin siblings Jeanne and Simon learn for the first time that they have a brother, and that their father, who they thought was dead, is in fact alive. Their mother's final wish is that the twins find them both to deliver certain sealed letters. Shifting back and forth in time, Incendies follows two parallel journeys, expertly interwoven: the twins' journey to their mother's Middle-Eastern homeland to unlock the past, and Nawal's journey some twenty years earlier to find the baby boy she was forced to give up. Both journeys shine an unsettling light on Nawal's past and culminate in a shocking final revelation.

To encounter a film of heart-wrenching drama, mythic proportions and sweeping visual majesty is rare, but such are the riches of Denis Villeneuve's Incendies. An incredibly powerful film that unfolds in such unique and unexpected ways, Incendies will floor you from the very first scene. It is one of those exceptional, extraordinary films that restores your faith in the power of cinema.



Director:  Denis Villeneuve

Featuring:  Maxim Gaudette, Mélissa Désomeaux-Poulin, Rémy Girard, Lubna Azabal

Rated:  MA 15+, Strong themes and violence

Run Time:  130 minutes

Country of Origin: Canada

Genre: Drama

Language:  French/ Arabic / English subtitles