Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Next Screening "Piccolo Italian Film Festival" 4 March 2010

We will start a bit earlier so we don't run too late screening these 2 feature films in our little Italian film festival.

Come along to either one or both of the films.

6pm "Lessons in Chocolate" (Lezioni di Cioccolato)

7.45pm Intermission – Italian flavoured supper (gold coin donation for the supper in place of the pre-screening nibbles would be greatly appreciated thanks)
8.15pm "Caravaggio"

end 10.30pm

6pm Lessons In Chocolate (90 mins)
Lezioni di Cioccolato

Director: Claudio Cupellini
Cast: Luca Argentero, Violante Placido, Neri Marcorè, Hassan Shapi, Josefia Forlì, Monica Scattini, Francesco Pannofino, Ivano Marescotti
Winner of Best Comedy and Best Actress (Violante Placido) at the 2007 Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival, "Lessons in Chocolate" is a fresh and delightful comedy where humour and pathos are mixed in the right proportions.

Mattia (Luca Argentero), a building contractor in Perugia on a promising career path, is about to close the biggest deal of his professional life, when his illegally-hired worker Kamal (Hassani Shapi) is badly injured when he falls off some scaffolding. Kamal threatens to sue him unless... Mattia takes his place in an advanced chocolate making course! Kamal had came to Italy from his native Egypt to realize his dream of opening his own pastry shop, needing a diploma to do so, and now Mattia has no choice but to take Kamal’s place in the school and pretend to be him. But there, Mattia meets the model student Cecilia (Placido), who for her part, is anything but indifferent to his charm…

Among laughs, misunderstandings and mouth-watering recipes, Mattia will discover a way to bring his and Kamal's disparate cultures together while finding love and life at the same time.

2007 98' Digital 18+

8.15pm Caravaggio (130mins)

Director: Angelo Longoni

Cast: Alessio Boni, Paolo Briguglia, Elena Sofia Ricci, Jordi Mollà, Claire Kleim, Benjamin Sadler, Paolo Giovannucci

Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faNrm0oFxmk

The 17th century Italian artist Michelangelo Caravaggio (Nigel Terry) lies dying in poverty; he remembers his vibrant life, first as a youth, ...

CARAVAGGIO is a mesmerizing and beguiling biopic about the master Renaissance painter that captures the man as well as his work.

Alessio Boni plays Michelangelo “Michele” Merisi, born into a humble family in the town of Caravaggio (from which the future artist would derive his professional moniker). Cursed with a violent temper, Michele becomes as well known for his brawling as for his art, frequenting the seamier side of Rome and using its prostitutes and thieves as models, even for his religious paintings. Eventually, his art creates a fervent group of admirers, while his personal life establishes an equally dedicated battery of enemies…

Director Angelo Longoni (Have No Fear, IFF2005) sets up a complex and revealing interplay between the artist and his era, ably assisted by three–time Oscar-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now), Boni gives a great, full-bodied performance as the street fighter and father of one of the most remarkable bodies of work in the entire artistic canon.

2006 130' 35mm 18+

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