Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heckle & Jeckle's squawk on 'Bliss'

"Bliss" was not quite blissful, perhaps if it had finished 30 minutes earlier it may have been. That, however, is one opinion, which may not reflect the Reels members, as Bliss received 4 stars in the starbox rating a little bird told me.

What was interesting was the reaction to many of our members after the screening, ‘what was so confronting?’ When it was first released in the 1980s Bliss had people walking out of cinemas, received an R rating and major distributors refused to screen the film. It then became an art-house classic.

We viewers in 2010 didn’t find Bliss confronting at all – well I can’t speak for all the audience – only about a dozen with whom I managed to have a chat. So much in the film was intimated, as opposed to being shown in great detail and today seems rather tame. One of our members thought that Harry was at heart a decent man, who was sucked into the vortex of vacuous human endeavours but then manged to escape the confines of concrete jungles and office cells.

What hasn’t changed over the years are the elements of the story about the human condition – greed, relationships, love, hate, seeking for true meaning of life, destruction of our environment, redemption.

Seeing the movie again after all those years has, however, made me want to go out and re-read the novel.

That's the squawk for now. Original squawkers will be back soon with their entertaining reviews.