Wednesday, July 22, 2015

?? FILM SOCIETY AUGUST 20th - "Living is Easy with Eyes Closed" Spain 2014

Entertaining and fun movie filled with interesting characters, humour, drama and good feeling.
Living Is Easy With Your Eyes Closed (Vivir Es Facil Con Los Ojos Cerrados) landed the top 2 Spanish Film Academy prizes, at the 2014 Goya Awards --best film and best director as well as 4 other awards including best soundtrack.

Inspired by actual events in 1966, it's a comedy road movie about an English teacher (Javier Camera) obsessed with the Beatles who motivates his students using Beatles music.  He hears that John Lennon is in Almeria, Spain making the movie "How I Won the War" and he decides to go there.  Along the way he, Antonio, picks up two runaway passengers, a teenager and a pregnant girl.  They were looking for John Lennon but they found themselves.

This is a marvellous ode to adolescence, plenty of innocence, friendship, cooperation, curiosity and comradeship.  The director David Trueba shows the important and universal values through the minds of adolescents.

Rated: M
Running time: 108 min

"An absolute delight -- Gorgeous, it's really gorgeous."
Margaret Pomeranz ABC's At the Movies 4****

"Terrifically enjoyable ---it's a lovely film, I liked it so much."
David Stratton ABC's At the Movies 4****