Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our Next Movie is "TRASH" (Brazil 2014)
Thursday 21st April 2016

"Action packed, thought provoking and funny."

Nothing to do with Andy Warhol’s movie from 1970.  
This is a fast-moving and likable children’s adventure with a fiercely grown up angle, mainly because the kids involved have had to grow up quickly. 
Trash follows three Rio teenagers who spend their time picking through litter in the hope of finding useful waste. One day they discover a wallet whose contents will bring them into conflict with the brutal local police force as they find themselves unlikely whistle blowers in a city rife with corruption. Who do they turn to?  I doubt it will be the police.

Starring:  Martin Sheen, Mara Rooney
Genre:  Crime/Adventure/Drama
Running Time:  114 minutes
Language: Portuguese English
Director: Stephen Daldry (Slumdog Millionaire, Billy Elliot, The Reader, The Hours.
Screening at  the Sir Robert Helpmann  Theatre (SRHT), Mount Gambier.
Thursday 21st April  2016 SRHT doors open: 6:30pm Screens at 7pm