Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are now an official Film Society

Reels@Wehl has become an official Film Society. We will be affiliating with the Victorian Federation of Film Societies (FVFS) who have David Stratton from ABC’s 'At the Movies' as their Patron. See below for membership fees, films we will be screening and the objectives and rules of a the Film Society.

We will continue screening every 6 weeks at Wehl Street Theatre on Thursdays (day dependent upon availability of theatre)
2008-2009 Full Membership
10 films $70
5 films $40
3 films $27
10 films $50
5 films $30
3 films $21

Member Benefits
* Quality films
* 2 free guest passes per year
* One free glass of wine pre-screening
* Email newsletter
* Friendly atmosphere to discuss film
* Part of a world-wide organisation of film societies
* Knowledge that you help keep independent cinema alive

For membership form please email or come to our next screening and sign up (sorry, no single ticket sales, as this is a film society for members under copyright legislation).

Films we aim to screen
We aim to screen a variety of film genres, those not normally available at commercial cinema, including Australian arthouse and foreign films. We will be following the screenings of the Palace Nova group who have cinemas in Australia capital cities with the aim to screen those films in regional South Australia when they become available.

The films we are able to access will be dependent upon availability from distributors. If you have suggestions please let us know and we will endeavour to source the film but cannot make guarantees.

The films we have screened include:

The Edge of Heaven (Yasamin Kiyisinda - Auf der anderen Seite) - Rated M
Turkey/German 2007 Directed and written by Fatih Akin 4.5 stars Margaret and David, ABC’s ‘At the Movies’
Winner of the Best Screenplay award at Cannes Festival 2007, Fatih Akin’s THE EDGE OF HEAVEN is a beautifully structured, emotionally draining drama which moves back and forth from Germany to Turkey in a seamless story of interlocking lives. (Review courtesy ‘At the Movies’)

Life Through a Lens: Annie Leibowitz – rated M
USA 2006, Director
Barbara Leibovitz
This film traces the artistic self-realization of Annie Leibovitz, from childhood through the death of her beloved friend, Susan Sontag, and includes snippets of Leibovitz's last visual memories of Sontag. The film traces the arc of her photographic life, her aspirations to artistry, and the trajectory of her career through phases that included the tumultuous sixties in Berkeley, CA., touring with the Rolling Stones, a mentorship by Hunter S. Thompson, and, later, capturing the last candid moments of John Lennon's life with Yoko Ono. The archival material presented here is invaluable for framing an understanding of this immeasurably influential visual artist. (courtesy IMBD)

Objectives and Rules
Objectives: Reels at Wehl Film Society’s objectives for the community of the Limestone Coast, South Australia are:
1 To encourage interest in the film as an art and as a medium of information and education by means of the exhibition of films of all kinds.
2 To promote the study and appreciation of film by means of lectures, discussions, exhibitions and publications.

1. Membership
1.1 Reels at Wehl is a membership based film society. You can join as a member prior to the screening. Membership fees are contained on the promotional flyer and the membership form.
1.2 Reels at Wehl is structured as a membership based film society because we are a not-for-profit organisation relying on the assistance of the Australian Film Commission to be able to screen films on the understanding that we do not run a commercial operation. It also enables access to films that are restricted to film societies and educational institutions only. We need your generous support to continue operating to be able to screen films that would not generally be screened in a commercial venue.
Can I purchase a single ticket?
Sorry, no, as this is a film society the purchase of a single ticket is deemed a commercial screening and therefore is not allowed due to the copyright licencing laws.
2 Membership forms
2.1 As a film society we need to keep a record of your details as part of your membership registration. We abide by Australia’s privacy legislation and do not sell your details to third parties. It is a requirement of being a film society that we have a record of members to prove we are operating as a bona fide film society.
2.2 Being a not-for-profit means we do not have excess funds for advertising. With your details we can be in touch quickly with the latest screenings and news and special member offers.
2.3 We also require that you date and sign your membership application form to indicate that you abide by the conditions of membership. If you don’t complete the application in full, we cannot admit you as a member.
2.4 Membership passes are limited to one person.
2.5 Occasionally we will have screenings where we may invite members to bring along a guest for free.
3.1 All Reels at Wehl memberships are only valid for the number of consecutive films for which they are purchased (ie, if you purchase 10 films in September 2008 that entitles you to 10 consecutive films and cannot be used over ensuing years).

4 Selection of films to screen
4.1 A committee of volunteers selects the films to screen. We want to hear from you on suggestions of films to screen and depending on expense and availability from distributors we will try our hardest to obtain the films but we can make no guarantees.