Monday, May 6, 2013

Screened "Chinese Takeaway"

Thursday 16 May 2013
6.30pm drink and nibbles
7.00pm film screens

Winner of Best Film and the Audience Award at the Rome International Film Festival, CHINESE TAKEAWAY is a comedy following the relationship between a reclusive Spanish hardware store owner and a Chinese immigrant, thrown together by an absurd twist of fate.

For over 20 years, introverted hardware store owner Roberto (Ricardo DarĂ­n, THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES) has lived virtually shut off from the outside. After a chance encounter with Jun, a Chinese man who has arrived in Argentina looking for his only living relative, Roberto takes him in. Their unusual cohabitation helps Roberto bring an end to his loneliness, but not without revealing to the impassive Jun that destiny's intersections are many and they can even divulge the film's surreal opening sequence: a brindled cow falling from the sky.

The end credits reveal that one of the most unlikely elements of the plot was actually based on an incredible real-life incident that gave the writer-director the inspiration for the film in the first place. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction, it seems.

"...the character that is created, he's so obsessive. I love the moment you meet him. He is counting out nails in a box of 500 and absolutely incensed because there's ten short." Margaret Pomeranz, ABC's At the Movies

7.2/10 IMDB

3.5 stars Margaret and David


Director: Sebastian Borensztein
Producer: Pablo Bossi, Juan Pablo Buscarini, Gerardo Herrero, Axel Kuschevatzky, Ben Odell
Cast: Muriel Santa Ana, Ignacio Huang, Enric Cambray
Classification: M
Duration: 106 mins
Genre: Drama
Lead actor: Ricardo Darin
Screenplay: Sebastian Borensztein
Music: Lucio Godoy
Distributor: Rialto Distribution
Country: Argentina

Language: Spanish/Mandarin with English subtitles