Monday, March 2, 2020

Remember, Reels Film Society is on the second Thursday this month - that's the 12th.

This month we have a British rom-com. When the long suffering Annie meets the object of her long-term partner's obsession, the relationship that develops is not what anyone expected. Chris O'Dowd, Rose Byrne and Ethan Hawke head the cast of this highly regarded musical dramedy.

As usual, doors will open at 6:30, screening at 7:00. Nibbles supplied by the RSL ladies and this weeks wines from the Leocnfield winery. Looking froward to seeing you there.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Not to be confused with the 2019 film of very similar name, this Bombshell is the story of a very talented woman whose talents far exceeded her beauty.

Hedy Lamar was called "the most beautiful woman in the world". She was so much more.  A brilliant scientist and inventor, she was responsible for discoveries that enabled many of our modern conveniences, and might just have helped win World War 2.

Thursday  20th of February, the doors at the Sir Robert Helpmann Robert Helpmann will open at 6:30  to enable time to enjoy some fine Di Georgio wines and nibbles, and the show will start at 7:00. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A divorce, a change of job and life generally spiralling downhill - things just aren't going right for Aurore, but when an old flame comes back into her life things start to change for the better.

We're starting 2020 with a French romantic comedy, what better way to start.

Our January film will be showing at 7:00pm at  the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre on Thursday the 16th. As always doors open at 6:30, with drinks and nibbles.

This month we are returning to Caroline Hills for our pre-film tipple.

**REMINDER -** 2020 fees are now due, the amounts are the same as 2019 ($75 standard membership, $65 concession and $30 for three months). To avoid queuing you can pay by bank transfer. If you pay by Wednesday the 15th we will have time to update our records. The bank account details are:
Account Name - Reels Film Society
BSB - 633-000
Account No.- 165 144 858

We changed banks last year so the details form previous payments mat not be correct.

And finally , remember your membership card carries over, so bring it along.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Struggling to get by on part-time incomes a Japanese couple top up with the fruits of "five-finger discounts". They are joined by the rest of their household, and then they take in a young local girl; and all is about to change ...

Thursday the 19th is our December night, last for the year. So take a break from Christmas shopping and enjoy some Japanese culture, a few nibbles and this month we will be revisiting some favourites from the year with "Tony's Selection" of wines.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

November - It's Party Time

If it feels like this month's movie has come around quickly, it's because it has.

Where screening on the second Thursday this month, so that's next week - the 14th.

Our main feature is a relatively short film so we've added a classic British comedy "the Plank" to give us an almost double feature.

Our main offering will be "the Party". A soiree to celebrate a rising political career doesn't go quite to plan.

As usual drinks and nibbles will be available form 6:30, with the screening commencing at 7:00

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Teacher Has Important Lessons for Us All

Plenty of highlights to look forward to next Thursday (the 17th). After our pre-film food and wine we'll have the thrill a minute AGM! Don't miss it; and it's not too late if would like to nominate for a position on the committee, new members are very welcome.

Oh, and there will be a film.

This month we are off to Czechoslovakia for a Slovak tale of corruption and political influence in the former communist state. The year is 1983 and the wall, and all it stood for, is still up. A principle and parents have to decide whether they are brave enough to challenge a new teacher and her corrupt behaviour, in light of her high up connections.

This month you can prepare for the cut and thrust of the AGM with a glass of Parker Coonawarra Estate's fine product, and be fortified with the snacks provided by the RSL Ladies.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

My apologies, I had a complete brain fade last night and sent out information about the wrong film.

Our offering this month is not Italian, it;s not a comedy and it's not about corruption. Apart from that I was right on the mark.

Our film this month is actually the Spanish family drama "Summer 1993". The story of 6 year-old Frida's struggle to settle into a new life, in a new place after her mother's death.

A highly regarded film and winner of multiple awards, this promises to be an entertaining night out.

On the plus side, I did get the date, times, food and wine right. So we;ll see you next Thursday (the 12th) at 6:30 for a 7:00 start, with Penley Estate wines and the
RSL Ladies' food to sustain us.