Saturday, March 18, 2017



A less than subtle dig at the Italian obsession of pursuing a cushy public service job for life, with a generous pension and the seeming impossibility of termination once secured.  Luca Medici stars as Checco Zalone, a middle-aged slacker who goes to great lengths to hold onto his pen-pushing position.

Love, however, might just bring him undone ...

Striking a delicious balance between non-stop gags and some very pointed cultural criticism, the phenomenal success of Where Am I Going? is proof that 90 minutes of hilarity is the perfect antidote to the worlds doom and gloom.

In  just 2 weeks "Quo Vado" became the highest earning movie in Italian Cinema history grossing 60million Euros, the equivalent of Star Wars.

Genre: Comedy of the laugh out loud type.
Starring: Luca Medici
Director: Gennaro Nunziate
Language: Italian (sub titled)
Running Time: 86 minutes.

Coonawarra's Penley Estate is our winery for this months screening and will be delighted to offer tastings. 

The doors to the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre open at 6:30pm
Charlies Bar closes at 6:55
We screen at 7 pm