Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Next Screening "TropFest 2011" Thursday 8th September 2011

Thursday 8th September 2011
6.30pm wine and nibbles
7.00 pm film screens

the world's largest short film festival

Director: Matt Bird
Producers: Matt Bird & John Marsh

Living on the brink and struggling to provide for his young family, a father arms himself and sets off into the night to commit a crime. Back at home, his wife waits anxiously for his safe return.

Director/Producer: Damon Gameau

An animated call of nature. We journey down a jungle river and are introduced to different animals who all lend their names to be a part of a collective song. It is a light, fun look at our unique animal planet.

Director/Producers: Alexander George & Tyrone Lindqvist

The film is about Sven Larsson – who was the first man on the moon. It will educate on Sven’s early life and the Swedish Space Program of the 1960’s.

Director/Producer: Nicholas Verso

Jonah dreams of being able to fly away from his life in the housing commission. But after an encounter at the local skate park, he finds his wings in an unexpected way.

FOCUSDirector/Producer: Ari Kruger

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Things have never felt better. But one day, he notices something about her he hadn’t noticed before. Her pinky finger is blurred. Out of focus. He hopes that it’ll go away, but when it comes back, it’s worse than before...

Director/Producer: Michael Weisler
When the one thing that means anything to you vanishes, is there still hope? For six-year-old Henry, this question burns brightly as he is thrust into a new life, in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by strangers.

Director: Joel Edgerton
Producers: Louise Smith & Joel Edgerton

Friendship is tested when a guy realised his mate has gone and copied his haircut. Will he confront his true emotions?

Director/Producers: David Collins & Doug Bayne

You never hear the shot that gets you. David Collins is the most dangerous assassin on the face of the planet, because nobody ever hears his shots.They are very, very quiet indeed.

Director: Tim Dean
Producers: Chris Corbett & Tim Dean

An Applicant. An Interviewer. An office. But what exactly is the Applicant applying for?

Director: Adam Anthony
Producers: Adam Anthony & Edward Copestick

On unkind city streets an off-key derelict liberates a device empowering him to create a symphony out of the world around him.  When the orchestra becomes as big as the city itself, will The Maestro still be able to control his world of sound?

Director/Producer: Jason van Genderen

A confronting look at a film maker's personal journey to reach out to his dying father. 'The Unspoken' sheds light on a lifetime of affirmations never spoken between a father and his son. As the film maker's father prepares to take his last stand with terminal lung cancer, Jason prepared this film as his last chance to reach out before he slips away.

Directors: Daniel Jameison & Ana Maria Belo
Producer: Ana Maria Belo

One night and day in Tim and Sara’s life. How far do you go for the one you love? How much can you sacrifice? How much can you ask? What do you really need to be happy?

Director: Melissa Cowan
Producers: Emely Nott

Behind every photograph is a story.  How does the photographer judge whether it is his story to tell?  Is Tom willing to risk everything he ever had with Julie to tell her story?  Will Tom ever learn to live life outside the frame?

Director: Dan Ilic & James Pender
Producers: Peter Slee

We all remember how bad Y2K was. Well reinforce your doors and stock up your bunker, because it's happening all over again. The gays are getting married, and Mick is convinced that everything will change for the worse. There’s always something to be scared of and this year it’s Y2GAY.

Director/Producers: Stevo Petkovic, Melinda Cklamovska, Craig Anderson

From the outside Helen and Malcolm appear to be like any other brother and sister, but these two have a controversial secret... they are in love! Since going public, their family have disowned them and the courts want them behind bars, so Helen and Malcolm are dealing with the stress the only way they know how... by having as much sex as possible!