Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Screened "A Quiet Life (Una vita tranquilla)"

A Quiet Life (Una vita tranquilla)

Thursday 18th July 2013
6.30pm drink and nibbles
7.00pm film screens

A sophisticated crime drama from the Lavazza Italian Film Festival.

A brilliant addition to the new wave of sophisticated Italian crime films that focus more on character than action, A Quiet Life is further complemented by Toni Servillo who delivers a riveting performance as a man hiding a dark secret. This critically acclaimed, slow-burn dramatic thriller from Claudio Cupellini (Lessons in Chocolate) is a must-see festival highlight.

Rosario Russo (Servillo) is living near Frankfurt where he runs a restaurant and hotel and has integrated perfectly into the local community with his family. He keeps a low profile, he has changed his name and he speaks German. Life is good, until one day the introverted Diego (Marco D'Amore) and street-smart Edoardo (Francesco Di Leva) turn up at the hotel, looking for a room. Soon their sinister assignment is revealed, dragging Rosario back into the past.

Director Claudio Cupellini has created a tense thriller, moodily shot in grey winter light, edited at a breathless pace with a slick script and sensational soundtrack. But it is the three standout performances, including the ever popular Toni Servillo, that are so compelling in this modern day Greek tragedy.

"Displays slickness on all levels."SCREEN DAILY
"A psychological thriller of unusual depth, “A Quiet Life” reps a significant leap forward for sophomore helmer Claudio Cupellini (“Lessons in Chocolate”), revealing a level of stylistic control and narrative force that should catapult him onto the list of Italo directors to watch. A rare international co-production that feels organically right, the pic boasts the considerable thesping talent of Toni Servillo as a marked man hiding from his mob past." VARIETY

Rome Film Festival 2010
Winner – Best Leading Actor

Claudio Cupellini

Toni Servillo, Marco D'Amore, Francesco Di Leva.

Running time: 105 minutes

Rating: M+