Monday, January 11, 2021

 Barring any unexpected turns we will be getting our 2021 program underway on Thursday 21st January. The doors will be open from 6:30, we ask that once you are through the check-in process you go straight into the  auditorium and take your seat.

We will finally be showing the Academy Award winning "Parasite" - the Korean satirical comedy/drama.

All 2020 memberships will be extended into 2021, full memberships until December 31st and 3 month memberships for the outstanding months remaining. Please bring your card with you, if you have lost it let us know and we can replace for a $5 replacement fee.

New members are, of course, welcome. To help us maintain Covid safe practices we would really prefer that any payments be made using the banking details available [here]( on our website. Fees remain unchanged from 2020; $75 for full membership, $65 concession,

The same requirement and restrictions that applied to our December screening will still apply. These are:

* We won't be offering food or drinks;

* Social distancing rules will apply throughout the theatre complex 

* Contact tracing is required, either through QR Code scanning (preferred) or on paper. These options will both be available.

* Seating will be in a checkerboard pattern. There will be no sitting next to each other, regardless of the relationship.

If you are not feeling well, please don't come, we'll see you next month.