Monday, April 12, 2021

 Fun fact - if the first of the month is a Thursday, the third Thursday of the month is the 15th; i.e. this week, not next as one befuddled individual believed. Sorry about that!

So, short notice this month.

This Month we are off to France to enjoy "The Trouble with You" a comedy drama about a recently widowed detective who finds the truth about her departed husband is not all she thought it to be.

Doors will open at 6:30, the film will screen at 7:00. To ensure we comply with social distancing requirements please move into the auditorium as soon as you have been scanned in.

A few reminders:

All 2020 memberships have been extended for 2021, full memberships until December 31st and 3 month memberships for the outstanding months remaining. Please bring your card with you, if you have lost it let us know and we can replace for a $5 replacement fee.

Although there has been an easing of Covid restrictions we have not been advised of any changes to the requirements at he theatre so the previous conditions will continue to apply continue to apply:

* We won't be offering food or drinks;

* Social distancing rules will apply throughout the theatre complex 

* Contact tracing is required, either through QR Code scanning (preferred) or on paper. These options will both be available.

* Seating will be in a checkerboard pattern. There will be no sitting next to each other, regardless of the relationship.

If you are not feeling well, please don't come, we'll see you next month.

See you all on the 15th.